Monday, July 7, 2008

10 years

Ten years is a long time. Ten years ago, I was....about to turn 20. I was working in Petoskey at my first real internship. I was living alone for the first time. I was in a town with no family or friends for the first time. I was immersing myself in Vonnegut. I was ready to leave my teens.

But this post isn't about me. It's about some friends of mine who just celebrated a pretty monumental anniversary. Ten years ago, Jason and Jay were newlyweds. They had no idea they would become parents to musical and artistic wonder Kiran and sweet and free-spirited Ari. That the planets would align just right so they would be able to buy a house with a ton of windows and a big back yard, perfect for barbecues and fire pits. That they really would get to live happily ever after.

I decided that the Lantrips, who do so much and are so much, deserved an anniversary party. I have to say, I think we got 'em pretty good.

This is us walking through the back door of Beggar's Banquet in East Lansing, with their two kids exploding toward the door. Also pictured is Jason's boss, Kirk, who was instrumental in getting Jason out of work at a decent time that day and inviting his Foods For Living co-workers and his wife, Elyse, who came even though it was her birthday.

Dan and I came to town and said we wanted to buy them dinner for their anniversary -- which had been a couple of weeks earlier, around Memorial Day. I figured by offering to buy, they couldn't argue about where to go to dinner.

I was going to buy a cheesy banner that said "Happy Anniversary" but Dan insisted he make a homemade one -- which only makes sense if you know Jason and Jay.

Carmen and I made a table full of desserts, I provided a few appetizers and we had our own bartender and waiter.

We made a card box so people could make contributions to their upcoming trip out west -- which I feared they wouldn't actually do without a little help. You see, they haven't actually been on a trip, together, outside of Michigan, since they eloped in Vegas.

It's about damn time.

They were very surprised and Jay just kept saying, "I'm so happy."

Family and friends came from near and far and I think everyone had a great time.

After the kids left with Grandma and Grandpa and the rest of the babies and parents went home, we all headed to good ol' Dagwoods. This is where the night gets a little fuzzy for me. But we sure look like we're having fun...

A couple of us I think had too much fun, but, then again, you only have your 10-year anniversary once. Jason and Jay had a great time, one night surrounded by their family, friends and even their kids (who were on kid crack for having had a secret from their parents for a few hours).

They were happy (as Jay expressed so nicely on her own blog) so I am happy.

Happy Anniversary, Lantrips!

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Jennifer Joy Creative said...

So fun...the best, thanks so much!